Study of configurations
System Design static and dynamic verifications of submarine and floating hose strings with Orcaflex® dedicated software. Orcaflex® is a marine dynamics program developed by Orcina for static and dynamic analysis of flexible pipeline and cable systems in offshore / marine environment
Flow analysis
  • Flow analysis (pressure losses evaluations and determination of optimal hosed diameters)
  • Surge Analysis
Finite Element Analysis
Ansys & Cosmos Software. From the configuration analysis, carried out with Orcaflex Software, the resulting loads are used as input for the FEM analysis….
Identification, design and supply of proper ancillaries
  • Accessories for floating hoses
  • Accessories for submarine hoses
  • Preparation of General Arrangement
  • Drawings Drawings of accessories etc.



Research and Development Services

Development of custom built hoses for special applications

  • Hoses for low temperature service
  • Emergency Hose for FPSO Offloading
  • Kink resistant hose

Evaluation and development of new rubber compounds for special applications

Materials development and testing

  • Rubber compounds
  • Plastic materials and compounding
  • Reinforcement materials
  • Chemicals



On site services

Inspection of new and used marine hoses

Offshore and Onshore Installation assistance of marine hoses

On site testing of single hoses and hose strings

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Test of Single Hose
  • Vacuum Test of Single Hose
  • Electrical Test of Single Hose

Hose Repair


  • Belzona – Elastomer G.P. Conditioner
  • Belzona – Solidifier
  • Belzona – Base

Periodical Surveys of floating and submarine hoses



Incident Investigations

Factory static and dynamic testing of damaged and used hoses
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Test of Single Hose
  • Vacuum Test of Single Hose
  • Electrical Test of Single Hose
  • Dynamic tensile, torsion and bend tests
“Dissection” and carcass evaluation of damaged and used hoses
  • Collaboration with Universities
  • Skilled and experienced professionals
  • Covered area of more than 2,000 square meters for hose testing
  • Fully equipped internal and external laboratories

Incident Investigations



Service life and re-certification of marine hoses


Service life and re-certification of marine hoses

Service life evaluation of marine hoses

Man Oil & Marine provides service life evaluations on hoses installed on the SPM terminals etc., through its Service Life Monitoring Program based on:

  • Records of field data and test data during the operative period
  • Test results on hoses retired from service after an agreed period

Re-certification of marine hoses



Preparation of Manuals, Procedures

  • Transport and storage manuals
  • Inspection and testing manuals
  • Assembling and installing manuals
  • Operation manuals
  • Packing, unpacking, preservation manuals
Preparation of Manuals Procedures



Project Management Services


Incident Investigations
Management of new projects

Man Oil & Marine can provide also the following services:

  • Management of new projects
  • Engineering support on new projects development
  • Review of existing terminal operations.