Man Oil & Marine manufactures and sells floating and subsea marine hoses and elastometric pipelines for commercial use


Man Oil & Marine

Man Oil & Marine is specialized in the design, manufacture and commercialization of rubber compound, calendared films and hoses for the transportation of oil, chemicals, and liquefied gas products, in marine hose strings and long length continuous hoses for onshore and offshore installations.


Our Policy for Quality is based on meeting and exceeding our Customer requirements, with the highest level of performance in products, consistency in production and satisfaction in services, promoting sustainable growth, business ethics, health and safety culture within the Organization.


Our Vision is to be a well-recognized and reliable partner for our Customers – the Oil & Gas Companies – able to offer appropriate products And services at competitive conditions.


Our Mission is focused on promoting continuous improvement towards process excellence in the design, manufacture, control, and sale of safe and performing Oil & Gas hoses.

Man Oil & Marine has recently been acquired by IBLA Capital in October 2020 through the vehicle of Ibla Industries II, and the new Company is heavily investing in the development of the business; through re-organizations, new equipment, product development and targeted acquisitions in the sector.


Man Oil & Marine has a long history in the business, as it used to be a business unit of Manuli Rubber Industries for fifty years of successful business. The Manuli Oil & Marine Division was in fact founded in the 1970s as a joint venture between Manuli Rubber Industries and the Uniroyal Group and quickly established itself as one of the world leaders in the production of high-tech rubber hoses for the transfer of oil in marine environment…


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Man Oil & Marine

Man Oil & Marine is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of marine hoses.  We have over 50 years of experience in steel and textile reinforced bonded elastomer hoses, utilized in the “last mile” offshore fluid import/export where fix-piping ends and sailing transportation starts.  Our products are fully certified and meet the relevant industry guidance and standards such as GMPHOM, EN1762 and EN1765. With a high degree of customization, we can also match customer individual project needs and offer unique solutions.


In addition Man Oil & Marine can offer static and dynamic analysis, support customer in hose string design and in choosing the best applicable product, as well as we can offer hose string complete with all the necessary ancillaries and assist the customer during hose strings service life with comprehensive technical support services, including lifetime extension programs, maintenance and testing to optimize the performance of client systems.


Man Oil & Marine

The Factory

Located in the central of Italy, on the east coast, the Plant has 110.000 square meters, half of it is covered.


The Plant is very closed to Ancona, Pescara and Rome airports, also the main ports of Naples, Genova and Ancona are a few hours away.


Rubber mixing technology and associated complete laboratory equipment, caledar,

extdruders, cutting machines, cranes, hose manufacturing lathes, vulcanisers and

GMPHOM testing equipments are available at the plant, together with all the necessary

room for raw material and hose storage.

Fully integrated process
  • Internal compounds design and manufacturing
  • Internal calendared sheets manufacturing
  • Internal steel and textile cord sheets manufacturing
  • Rubber tube direct extrusion (high quality lining)
  • Multifunctional lathes
  • PU-spry application technology
  • GMPHOM testing equipment
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Man Oil & Marine

Man Oil & Marine is fully aware that, in addition to maintaining high quality standards and achieving business objectives, a wide and responsible strategy, aimed at reducing environmental, health and safety risks arising from its activities, is essential for its success and for the success of its Customers.

The Ascoli Piceno Plant Management is convinced that the continuous improvement of its performance in terms of the environment and health and safety at work can produce significant benefits, while meeting, at the same time, the expectations of reducing health and safety risks and the expectations of environmental improvement relevant to the territorial context in which the Company is located.

The Ascoli Piceno plant of Man Oil & Marine has therefore implemented and maintained an integrated Management System for the environment and health and safety; it is therefore committed to operate in compliance with all the applicable laws and regulations and in accordance with the management standards ISO 45001 and ISO 14001.

The Man Oil & Marine Ascoli Piceno Plant, optimising all the employed resources, acts with constant commitment in identifying and eliminating, or controlling, situations of risk, aimed at preventing accidents, injuries, occupational diseases and pollution linked to its activities, and aimed at continuously improving its performance in terms of the environment, health and safety.

To achieve these goals, the Ascoli Piceno Plant Organization is committed at:

  • Respect all applicable laws and regulations, in agreement with institutions, local authorities and trade associations.
  • Specify roles, tasks and responsibilities and inform and raise awareness among its employees about the role played by each of them.
  • Manage communications in a transparent manner, regarding the…

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Man Oil & Marine

Engineering Services

The engineering services include studies on hose configuration (Orcaflex), surge and pressure loss evaluations, Finite Element Analysis, Identification and design of ancillary equipment, preparation of General Arrangement Drawings

Research and Development Services

Development of custom built hoses, new prototype hoses, evaluation and development of new rubber compounds for special applications

On site

Inspection of new and used marine hoses, Offshore and Onshore Installation assistance, on site testing of single hoses and hose strings, hose repairs, periodical surveys of floating and submarine hoses. Our Technicians can perform GMPHOM testing on site with fully equipped containers

Incident Investigations

The investigations are carried out by means of factory static and dynamic testing, dissection and carcass evaluation of damaged hoses, lab tests of carcass samples removed from the hoses

Service life and re-certification of marine hoses

Service life evaluation of marine hoses are performed by testing hoses that have been in service up to a destructive burst. Re-certification of marine hoses can be provided after proper inspection and testing of marine hoses

Operations & Maintenance Training

Training can be provided on various aspects regarding marine hoses , such as hose design, inspection, testing, handling, storage, assembling, installation, repair

Preparation of Manuals, Procedures

On request, manuals and procedures are prepared on various subjects as: Transportation and storage, Inspection and testing, Assembling and installing, Operation, Packing/ unpacking/ preservation

Project Management Services

Man Oil & Marine team is also available for management of new projects, engineering support, review of existing terminal operations